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Anatomical landmarks – toxins

This course focuses on the injection of Botulinum toxin type A in the entire face with a safe and effective technique. The injection points based on the literature and on global faculty consensus will be demonstrated with consideration of the facial anatomy.


Clinical practice

Book this course and you will benefit from a practical guide for healthcare professionals performing aesthetic medicine. The course comprises everything you need to know to optimise outcomes such as pre-treatment considerations, facial mapping, scales, photo documentation as well as ethical considerations such as informed consents, mental health aspects and legal issues.


Nerves & vessels

Understand the regular course of the nerves and vessels and become aware of the most important anatomical variations. Avoid complications by familiarising yourself with the risk of anastomosis of the facial arteries, which are visualised specifically in a new technique.


THE BELOTERO® RANGE (Hyaluronic Acid filler)

Get to know BELOTERO®, the unique HA filler range with CPM technology for seamless dermal integration. This course will give an overview of the BELOTERO® fillers, their physical properties and practical use in aesthetic medicine. The course will enable you to select the most appropriate formulation to perform common aesthetic techniques and introduces specific injection techniques (video).